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What is AI Studio?

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AI Studio, tüm alanlarında Yapay Zeka'nın teknik kapasitesini ve pratik uygulamalarını artırmayı amaçlayan bir topluluktur.

We aim to bridge connections between individuals and institutions to derive AI-driven value, facilitate learning and idea growth of interested parties and start-ups.

The community is governed by NGO – AI & Data Science Institution

What We Do


We provide trainings and certifications in different domains


We bring together developers and institutions


We help individuals and institutions to digitialize their business operations

How we do it

Working Groups

Our Working Groups

Across 11 Different Sectors



Public Safety

Social Media

Defense Industry

Smart City




Retail & Supply Chain

Social Causes

Our Vision

What is Our Vision?

Bring AI Community Together

Stimulate Commercial Sustainability

Provide Trainings &Content


You can be a part of the community by clicking here and you will be added to the mailing and whatsapp groups. If you prefer, you can attend online/offline courses, participate in working groups and get your recorded in the AI experts database. If members prefer to do so, they can take responsibilities in administrative groups (website, trainings, blogs, social media, organization..etc.)

No! AIStudio is a community for everyone to join with no restrictions and no fees.

You can track the training schedule on the events page(link). Community trainings are open to everyone either online or face-to-face.

Working groups are ogranized parties of the community where accepted members contribute to different industrial projects. Project selection is driven by industry needs. Once the projects are commercialized, the members benefit from the potential income.