Intern Program


AlStudio brings together people who are interested in artificial intelligence under one roof, under different industrial working groups (defense industry, social media, production, public, banking, supply chain, health, smart cities…..etc.). It is an organization that develops projects and offers training in the field of artificial intelligence.


There are various private companies and non-governmental organizations within the organization. Interns with high performance will be offered a job as a full-time employee after the internship.


The main activities of AISTUDIO are; Developing software and projects in areas such as text analytics, image processing, estimation, optimization, anomaly detection and automation using artificial intelligence (data analytics, data science, machine learning) algorithms, and providing training in these areas..


Social Media Analytics

By collecting data from social media applications such as Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok, analysis of user behavior on the basis of determined topics with the collected data, identification of fake accounts, user segmentation on the basis of interests, determination of relationship networks with social network analysis, extracting meaning and topic titles from texts with natural language processing Especially social media analysis studies are our fields of activity..

Processing of Satellite Images

Separation of different types of lands, separation of buildings, determination of health status of agricultural lands and yield estimation studies on images from different satellite data sources.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Determination of post-edited image and sound files, signature authenticity check studies.

Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering Detection

Developing solutions such as identifying the people with high risk of money laundering by using machine learning methods, social network analysis and revealing commercial and financial relations in studies carried out with public institutions.


During the internship at AISTUDIO, the main activities that the interns will do on a full-time basis:

  1. Getting trainings in Data Analytics
  2. Taking part in industrial workgroups that develop data management, data preparation, data visualization and machine learning applications
  3. To take part in the projects of companies operating in the field of software that AISTUDIO works with
  4. Taking part in AISTUDIO community teams (website, social media, organization, trainings…etc.)


The works will be half remote, half in the office/customer position with the hybrid working method. Office location is Ankara Tekmer. The internship program will start in January, May and October. Internship duration may differ for each intern..


Intern candidates are expected to have no courses left outside of the project for graduation or to be able to continue working for a minimum of 3 days a week after the internship. Candidates should have a good level of knowledge in a coding language. Moreover; It is expected to have knowledge in a few areas such as database management systems, data management, mobile application development, frontend development, API development, Kubernetes structures, Linux operating system management. Knowledge of machine learning, statistics and data science and having developed projects is preferred..


The applications of the trainee candidates will be evaluated on the CV first and then finalized by telephone or face-to-face interview..